Company has a duty of care to all employees, contractors and visitors to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

Where the behaviour of an employee, contractor or visitor is influenced by alcohol and/or drug use this behaviour is improper, unsafe or constitutes a risk to them or others, this behaviour must be addressed immediately by any employee or management.

This policy applies to all G TWO TECH ENGINEERING SDN BHD locations, work related function, inculding off site functions and any extended invitation where G TWO TECH ENGINEERING SDN BHD is represented by invitation.
This policy may be overridden by other alcohol and/or drug policies that apply to individual activities and/or groups working on specific projects.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Management are responsible for the implementation of this policy in their area of resposibility and have the authority to act immediately should they have to need to do so.
  • All employees, contractors and visitors will ensure that they are fit for work and their work performance is not impaired by the misuse of alcohol and drugs (including over the counter drugs) and must not endanger their own safety or the safety of any other person
  • Management will provide opportunities and information for support and assistance for employees with drug and alcohol related problems and other substances, through G TWO TECH ENGINEERING SDN BHD Employee Assistance program.

Disciplinary Action
A breach of this Policy may result in G TWO TECH ENGINEERING SDN BHD management investigating and applying its disciplinary policy.

This Drug and Alcohol Policy Statement is
reviewed and appraised by

Managing Director

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