We are one of the transmitter's authorized dealer for the Malaysia oil and gas industry. We aupply for the upstream and downstream sectors as well as petrochemical plants.

In the Process industry, there are four common process variable of interest :

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Flow Level
  • Level

In additional to these variable, there is alsi the need to analyze various chemica composition and components. The following transmitter are commonly used in the process industries :

Level Transmitter
Flow Level Transmitter
Pressure Transmitter
Temperature Transmitter


Our team provides comprehensive commissioning services from start up to project delivery with the capabilities to bring your project through planning, design, construction and turnover while meeting schedule and associated budgets. Service that we provides :

  • Design and engineering
  • Service and calibration works
  • Upgrading work
  • Installation complete system
  • Supply and Trading

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