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Group Product & System


Thomas & Betts and DTS pride itself on being able to adapt to the changing requirements of the market and thanks to this is now manufacturing in Asia (Malaysia). This has been possible as DTS are now part of ABB and have been able to use the established manufacturing base in Malaysia.

This means that customers can get customised Exe enclosures on far shorter lead times than ever before. Design and manufacturing taking place in the purpose built facility that was been st up with the same stringent processes as required to manufacture product to the IECEX and ATEX quaility standards.


Our team provides comprehensive commissioning services from start up to project delivery with the capabilities to bring your project through planning, design, construction and turnover while meeting schedule and associated budgets. Service that we provides :

  • Upgrading work
  • Installation of complete system
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Service and Maintenance works
  • Supply and Trading

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